Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random News!! 5.19.2011

I haven't been on this blog, or my self-improvement/catharsis blog, The Recession, for quite some time now. I've been busy with life: work, school, my relationship, working out, etc. So here's some news!

* I think that it's time that I retire my other blog, The Recession. Though I do continue to undergo changes and challenges on my journey of self-growth, but I no longer look at this journey with the negative outlook I've had for so long. So, I believe that The Recession has served its purpose, at least for now. Maybe I'll find a way to revamp it somehow; I wonder if I could change the name, but....even then, I think I'll leave it as is. It will serve as a reminder to me of how much I've learned and how far I've come from those darker days.

*I'm going to change the look and feel of this blog, since I'll do my best to post here a bit more. My original objective was to post up things randomly that came to mind, but I think I will use this blog for a MYRIAD amount of things, making it TRULY random. So it's possible that at one moment, I could be talking about something within pop culture, like the attacks against Black women in the media, and then at the next moment, talk about how much I love getting fucked with a strap-on and a dildo. You just never know.

*...and I do LOVE it, very much so. I MISS MY BESS AND OUR BIG BOY BLUE!

*I'm taking down Ed Lover as my MWOR mascot. Why? Because according to his latest edition of his videos series, Cmon SON #23, he co-signed Joe Budden domestically attacking his ex-girlfriend, Esther Baxter. And when Bossip interviewed Baxter and put up proof of the domestic abuse via photos and copies of a police report, I sent a tweet to Ed asking him if he'd seen that article, but he never got back to me. So...yeah. I hate being left to assume shit, but based on him having Joe on Cmon SON mocking Baxter and calling her a bitch, he's on Joe's team. I can't co-sign that. I've been contemplating for a week or so if I should un-follow him on Twitter, YouTube, and unlike his page on Facebook. We'll see.

That's all the random news for now. Stayed tuned for MORE!

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