Friday, May 20, 2011

The Coffee Party is coming...

What is the Coffee Party, you ask? Simple. It is the antithesis of the Tea Party. It is the antithesis of the stench of apathy, the comfort with disrespect, and general lack of giving a shit that destroys us as a people and a country from within. Any post of specific happenings within our culture, especially ones that affect PoC (Black people more specifically) will be discussed under the heading of "The Coffee Party". Anytime you see a posting for The Coffee Party, you'll see the simple logo I designed for it that's on the bottom of this entry.

Worry not, though! I will still post up random things, as only I can. :)

P.S. I see now that when using Illustrator to save my stuff as jpgs, I'll have to up the setting from "high" to "maximum". Lesson learned!

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