Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why so cold outside?

A conversation with the couple yesterday made something apparent to me again.

My world point of view is quite limited. I've realized at times, that its hard for me to relate to them in terms of the things we've all experienced. Since I can't relate, its so hard for me to empathize and feel anything at times. So, when I'm asked how I feel about certain things, I can't really answer because my default disposition is feeling nothing. I have to re-think the experience they've shared with me and go over it again in my head and see how I feel afterwards. I just hate that I can't answer right away because of the earlier mentioned default mechanism.

And even when I do express something, it doesn't even feel genuine to ME. Why does that happen, when other times, my emotions just flow?

To be continued....

Friday, November 27, 2009 thoughts on Black Friday.

It was CRAZY. I've never seen so many people line up for sales and deals in my life. Of course, I've heard of how crazy it gets, but you never REALLY know you witness it for yourself.

I left my house @ 1am to head for the Best Buy @ 151St and River Ave. What I wasn't prepared for was the line that was there. It was about 2 city locks long, which, it would turn out, was HEAVEN for me compared to when others were arriving after me. By the time 5am came around, the line had gone through the shopping complex's parking lot...and people were STILL showing up to get in line!!

Since I have experienced this thing called Black Friday firsthand, I now know what I'd have to do to be able to go through such suffering and fuckery again next year:

-Get as many people down to wait in line with me as I can. It makes all the difference between waiting 6-8 hours to get food in your system, and the company is always a good thing. There were a couple times where I thought I would tap out and go home since it was just me.

-Be sure to dress WARMER. I was bundled up, but...apparently not bundled up enough.

-Try to get there earlier. I mean, for what it's worth, I still was able to get what I wanted and all, but just to be able to get the hell out the store all the more faster would be awesome personified.

So along with that stuff, and no drunk, flaming homosexuals talking out of their ass on the line, getting on my last nerve, then Black Friday would be more worth enduring, if I should decide to do it again next year.

For now, I'm having a ball with my Sony Vaio w/Windows 7. I just need a mouse and an external HD, and I'll pretty much be good to go.

Hooray for being able to download porn so much FASTER!!!