Monday, January 18, 2010

Plans for the Year

So, my girl and I were having a discussion about education. It dawned on me that if I want to live anywhere outside the US, I'd really need that bachelor's. Damn it all. Then I thought, why not just build on what I'm doing now, so I can get a better position for better money possibly? And, on top of that, have the 4-yr credentials to do it anywhere, nationally and internationally?


So, I'm going to look into Berkeley College. I'm an office worker, an admin assistant, though I do much more than that. I could build up those skills so I can support myself better, and support my love, drawing, and possibly become more proficient in my other love, the Japanese language.

So, what about the timeline?

I've just sent off a request for information on Berkeley for Business Administration. If it's possible for me to get back for the Fall 2010 semester, that would be awesome, but if not, the smart thing would to go for Spring 2011. I kinda feel that Fall 2010 would be rushing it, but we'll see how it goes once I have the information I need.

Now, about that art thing...correspondence courses? I think that's still the general idea. I saw two peeps of mine who are in the art/comics field last week. Got my resolve going. Can't give up. I'll figure out what to do with this gift somehow. I just wonder if I should be in a class setting or go ahead with the correspondence courses. I'll be making up my mind about that soon; if I can find some non-credit courses and fit them into my schedule or even on the weekends, that would work big time.

So, that's the 'plan' so far. Also, I'll finally, FAAAIIIIINALLY, will be rid of my old SEARS debt by March. That's right, screw paying 100/month. I've got it down to a good amount that two payments of 260 and change will get this burden off my back. The c-note I send to THEM can go in my SAVINGS account. YIPPIE!!

Yes. There. These are all good plans, and I'm stickin' by them. Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Ramblings...gotta get it out....

Hmm. Why no response?

Are you overly busy?

Do you need space?

Am I a fucking mind-reader?

Or maybe I expect too much....but yet when nobody hears anything from me, people feel that I've withdrawn from them.

Is there a thing such as asking too much?

Are you trying to test me, to see what I will do, over YOUR expectations on how I 'should' act?

I really hate when people 'TEST' you. I'm not a fucking lab animal, goddammit.

You want me to reach out to you, and you want me to come to you, but then when I do, you make yourself unavailable. Hmm....

Or...maybe I'm demanding too much emotionally. It would kinda help if I knew what was going on. Nobody's responding to me when I IM or text them. And I REFUSE to be the bad guy and nag the fuck out of people...just so they can call me needy or clingy or whatever.

I know that you should give your partner space....sometimes, they won't be available to talk to you all the time. So...good thing this blog's here to get all this insecure shit out of me. It just feels weird after staying in contact all the time.


Oh well. Gotta get ready for work and gym in the morning.