Monday, July 19, 2010

A Hidden Contagion

Do you or someone you know suffer from a condition known as "Attention Succubus Syndrome"?

Yes. While this term was created by me right at this moment, it's a condition that's been around for YEARS, but has cases have been steadily on the rise since the dawn of social networking on the internet. The symptoms range from making large ambiguous status messages on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, dumping a whole BUNCH of clusterfucks, stories, and emotions on the unfortunate bystander who happens to offer their time to help said sufferer, and going against sound advice from said poor bystander, making them feel like they have lost minutes from their life that cannot be salvaged.

Judging from these symptoms, is there someone out there you know who is suffering from Attention Succubus Syndrome? Maybe....someone you know PERSONALLY?

This disease, if left unchecked, is proven to be a silent killer of even the best of friendships. So, it seems that task of making this disease know to the public is mine, and thus, here I am.

I am here passing on what I believe will be helpful information to you all out there, because I fell prey to someone who exhibited symptoms of Attention Succubus Syndrome. They made a status update on Facebook that just screamed, "Someone please read this and inquire about me!", and, sure enough, I took the bait. I let this person unload all of these so-called "revelations" about a friend I've known for quite some time, and I was told some shocking and what's proven to be, relationship-altering things, about said friend. So I did my best to console her, and to help her move on with her life, so on and so forth, and it's been about maybe a month or two after said revelations were dropped on my lap. And guess what's happened?

They're back to being the bestest of friends.

As if just a month or two ago, this person didn't feel that my friend took advantage of them, forced sex from them, and put them through an enormous amount of emotional stress.

I look at this and I wonder....Why the fuck did you waste my time spewing all these negative feelings about this person when all it would take was a long talk and an apology for things to go back like they were?!! Why tell me shit, have me waste time I could've used talking to my man AND my woman giving YOU support, comfort, and giving what advice/counsel I could for you to use, for you to just do the OPPOSITE?!!


So, my fellow citizens, for your peace of mind, if you know someone who has Attention Succubus Syndrome, do yourself a favor, and put that person in their place. Only good can come of you telling them of the disease they have so they may take steps to receiving treatment.

As for me, I have this to say. If you come to me to discuss a certain issue or problem and are not ready to even ponder a solution to said issue/problem, or if you're looking for a solution that is less bumpy, please don't waste my goddamn time. I'm not in the art of enabling people to be victims to their own weaknesses. I don't expect anyone to allow me to be that way, therefore, do not expect me to do so for you. And if you're not ready for what will most likely be a hard road ahead on the path of change, again, I beg you, DON'T. Waste. My fucking time.

I understand that most times, we all need to vent, rant, and let off steam/burdens from our shoulders. But, know that at some point, the person who is giving you their ear/shoulder is going to want to help you get to a solution. Maybe it won't come fast. Maybe it will. I know that I'm definitely one who doesn't enjoy seeing my friends suffer, and will do my best to help my friend come to some sort of resolution for their problem, but if you're just going to throw away what I've said and the time I took to be there for you, just because you're afraid to let go of this person, just leave me out of it. To see this does nothing but take your feelings and what you've told me with the smallest grains of salt, not to mention you will lose A LOT of my respect.

This is Dr. Minkia Jetset, and I approve of this message.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another dose of "Random Rambles"

Oh, yea...I forgot to mention that I found my BB Curve. In my gym bag. Yea....this is what happens when you try to plan ahead, kids!

Also, I'm never one to flat out say that one's religion is totally unnecessary and that the world would be better off without it, but Islam and being a Muslim?

Yea. That's a man made religion that does nothing more than promote misogyny and gives people license to take the lives of others over some fanatical interpretation of "holy text".